1996-05-05   Red Hat Linux Free Desktop Contest

1997-02-18   XFCE

1998-03-xx   GUI toolkits: What are your options?
1998-03-11   GNOME/KDE interoperability lists
1998-08-12   XFce 2.0.2

1999-01-10   XFce 2.3.0
1999-03-17   XFCE 2.4.0  More  More  More  More 
1999-07-18   XFce 3.0.2
1999-11-14   XFce 3.2.0  More

2000-01-04   XFce 3.2.3
2000-02-21   Old Apple Macintosh Team Aims to Put Linux on the Desktop  More  More
2000-03-03   XFce 3.3.1  More
2000-03-06   Helix Code Introduces First Complete Desktop Application Package For Linux
2000-04-25   freedesktop.org Updates  Mission Statement  Desktops
2000-06-05   XFce 3.4.0
2000-08-15   Helix Code Brings Helix GNOME 1.0 to the Desktop
2000-11-20   XFce 3.6.1  More

2001-01-17   Ximian - Formerly Helix Code - Secures $15 Million in Funding
2001-01-29   Eazel and Red Hat to Deliver Network Services for Linux on the Desktop
2001-02-01   HP selects Ximian GNOME as Open Source desktop
2001-02-05   XFce 3.7.1  More
2001-04-23   XFce 3.8.0  More
2001-04-24   Ximian Announces Release of Ximian GNOME 1.4  More  Screenshots
2001-08-27   Ximian Desktop for Linux and Unix Systems  More
2001-12-03   Ximian Releases Ximian Evolution Version 1.0
2001-12-17   Ximian and HP Deliver Ximian GNOME Desktop Software for HP-UX Workstations

2002-10-07   Ximian Announces Red Carpet Enterprise to Provide Automated Software Mgmt
2002-11-11   Ximian Releases Ximian Evolution Version 1.2

2003-01-21   Ximian Releases Version 1.2 of Red Carpet Enterprise  More
2003-05-15   Ximian Releases New Red Carpet Client
2003-06-02   Ximian Desktop 2  More
2003-07-10   Desktop Linux Technology and Market Overview  [PDF]
2003-07-10   Linux' Journey to the Mainstream Desktop  [PDF]
2003-08-04   Novell Acquires Ximian to Expand Linux Solutions and Open Source Commitment
2003-09-04   Boston University Corporate Education Center to Host Desktop Linux Conference
2003-09-25   XFce 4.0
2003-11-10   Desktop Linux Conference  More
2003-11-11   Novell Lowers Linux Management Costs with Red Carpet Enterprise 2

2004-01-17   Architecting the Linux Desktop  [PDF]
2004-01-20   Open Source Development Lab Forms Desktop Linux Working Group
2004-05-xx   Linux and Open Source Software as a Desktop Platform  [PDF]
2004-09-20   IBM & Novell: Selling Linux Desktop Solutions Together  [PDF]
2004-11-08   Novell Ships Desktop Linux for the Enterprise  More  [PDF]
2004-11-17   Approaching the Linux Desktop
2004-12-07   Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 Email Client Has Landed

2005-01-16   Xfce 4.2.0
2005-02-14   OSDL Issues First Release of Desktop Linux Capabilities Document  More  [PDF]
2005-02-26   DTL 1.0  More  [PDFs]
2005-06-xx   The State of the Linux Desktop  [PDF]
2005-09-01   Massachusetts to adopt 'open' desktop
2005-10-10   Novell Launches the Better Desktop Initiative
2005-10-18   Free Standards Group Announces The Linux Standard Base Desktop Project

2006-01-12   Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 1.5 Email Client
2006-04-25   Free Standards Group Announces First Integrated Desktop Standard  More
2006-06-xx   SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10  More  More  [PDF]
2006-09-23   The State of the Linux Desktop  [PDF]
2006-10-xx   An end to the desktop war?  [PDF]

2007-01-18   2006 Desktop Linux Client Survey  [PDF]
2007-01-21   Xfce 4.4.0
2007-06-27   Google Desktop now on Linux

2008-04-22   KDE e.V. and the GNOME Foundation to co-host flagship conferences  More  More

2009-02-27   Xfce 4.6
2009-06-11   Keynote Speakers Announced for the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit  More

2010-05-10   Canonical unveils new 'Unity' desktop environment
2010-10-25   Ubuntu 11.04 To Ship Unity

2011-01-16   Xfce 4.8