Requesting ideas on WWW extensions to support collaboration and usability and access for NSF worksho

Jim Foley (
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 14:45:15 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Colleague:

On Monday October 31 I'll be chairing a workshop, supported by NSF,
to provide the Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)
Division and NSF in general with a set of recommendations for future
programs, falling in the following three categories:

1. Recommendations concerning use of WWW as an experimental platform
for collaborative efforts in the IRIS and computer science research
communities, including potential enhancements to WWW in support of

2. Recommendations concerning research which NSF in general and IRIS
in particular should consider undertaking with respect to the WWW,
its accessibility, and its usability.

3. Recommendations on NSF information delivery to the public and
research communities via WWW.

itself will be a modest-sized gathering (see schedule at end of this
message with participants' names), so we want to use email as a way
to increase the set of ideas we discuss.

The results of the workshop will be available via WWW: your response
to this message will ensure that you will receive a follow-up message
with the URL for the workshop.

Ways to think about the above three questions, and hence to
categorize your comments, include:

* How might the research community supported by IRIS leverage on
methods of access, search, and navigation in the WWW to improve
communications amongst themselves, and with NSF?

* What should the IRIS research programs consider for NSF page
content that would most help grow their investigative communities and
be most useful in dissemination and retrieval of NSF-related science
and technology information?

* What issues are there regarding coordinating with information
sources from the professional societies of the investigative
communities that could be addressed via mosaic-like mechanisms, and
what role should NSF play in such an activity?

* What format, linkage, or content guidelines, if any, should be
provided PIs to whose pages NSF pages point in order to enhance the
usefulness of the pages?

* Are there any special "viewers" that might be of particular help
to the CISE and IRIS investigative communities, and how should they
be developed and supported?

* How can we deal with potential information overload in the
research communities (e.g., intelligent agents to search/filter
information for specific investigative communities) and what
experimental research, if any, should be considered on these topics?

* What research should be conducted in the area of user interfaces
(viewers) to the WWW, in order to enhance the accessibility of the
information? What is the role of information visualization
techniques? Natural language? Speech? User adaptability?
Handicapped users?

* How can we leverage on WWW (and NSF) for education and training of
future researchers and PIs?

Incidentally, topics which will NOT be the focus of the workshop

* Policy, privacy and approval issues at NSF.

* Information delivery technology and method considerations within

* Cost of WWW or Internet services.

Please direct your responses to Mr. James Pitkow here at Georgia
Tech,, with Subject: NSF-WS.

You may also want to at the same time look at the the GVU Center's
2nd WWW User Survey,which Jim and several colleagues are conducting,


8:30 Coffee

8:55 Welcome - Jim Foley

9:00 Introduction and NSF Objectives for Workshop - Y.T. Chien

9:10 WWW activities within IRIS - J. Hestenes

9:15 Current Status and Near-term Plans for Mosaic - Larry Brandt
Joe Hardin (NCSA)

10:30 Questions and Answers regarding current and near-term
capabilities and plans

10:45 Break

11:15 Interactive Systems - Moderated by O. Garcia
John M. Carroll, Virginia Tech,
Jim Foley, Georgia Tech,

11:45 Robotics and Machine Intelligence - Moderated by H. Moraff
Bob Berwick, MIT,
Christopher Connolly, MIT,


1:30 Knowledge Models & Cognitive Systems - Moderated by L. Reeker
V. Subrahmanian, U. of Maryland,

1:45 Information Technology & Organizations - Moderated by S. Chen
Tom Mitchell, CMU,

2:00 Database & Expert Systems - Moderated by Maria Zemankova/Ron
Avi Silberschatz, Bell Labs,
Thomas Imielinski, Rutgers,

2:30 Break

2:45 Discussion, organization of ideas, organization of short
assignments for final report - Moderated by Jim Foley

5:00 Adjourn

Again, please direct your thougths to James Pitkow,

Thank you very much for taking time to reply :)


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