Bryon Propst (
Mon, 27 Jun 94 23:57:31 EDT

Okay, disclaimer BEFORE I show my ignorance: I'm new at this.

I am working on setting up a Web site. Unfortunately, I don't have a
live http server running yet, so I am building it all using file://
instead of URLs. So, here is the problem....

I am trying to test a script that parses through the output of a submitted
form. The output is being sent to a perl script. Here is the FORM METHOD:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="file://localhost/home/test/script">

When I complete the form and hit the submit button, the contents of the
script file itself is displayed on the screen. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??!??!!

Help an ignorant soul, please <whimper>

Bryon (