Re: SECURITY ALERT! [Re: How do you execute shell scripts in Mosaic]

Vinay Kumar (vinay@eit.COM)
Wed, 8 Jun 94 10:31:14 PDT

Marc said:
> And naturally people who are security-conscious will want to hurry and
> download the binaries for which source is not made available and check
> them out. :-)

The same security-consious people are using Mosaic binaries left and right,
so what's your point ?

Besides, I did not make claims about the level of trustedness anyway, so....

Marc said:
> Do you have any example programs for it (non-trivial
> ones, I mean)?

The sources will be available as soon as i clean up the code.
what do you mean by example programs ? If you mean a URL that you can try
this against, you may try:

However you will need some of the MBONE tools for this. MBONE tools
available at:
Marc said:
> The C shell hardly seems a suitable language for evaluation of
> untrusted code. What's wrong with Safe-Tcl?
> - Marc
> --
Please tell us what is wrong with Safe-......!

  Vinay Kumar