Colo(u)r in HTML

Wed, 8 Jun 94 10:39 BST

Timothy Hunt writes @ Wed, 8 Jun 1994 00:01:14 +0200:

>And even if the browser tells the server that it accepts "BLUE" as one of
>its known colours, how do you know that what the browser thinks is BLUE
>and what the server thinks is BLUE tally?

This is a presentation issue and a good one. I too would like to be able to
implement colour in documents. Correct me if I'm wrong though but there
does not need to be any correlation between what the server understands by
"BLUE" and what a client understands by "BLUE" - for the server it is just
a tag it sends out with the document - the server does not do any "client
processing" in this sense. The client can translate "COLOR=BLUE" as purple
with yellow spots - just as <h1> ... </h1> is configurable using Mosaic to
whatever you like. If a client does not accept a given tag can't it just
ignore it?

Al. <-:< (