Inline images from CGI scripts output

Ricardo Tavares (
Tue, 24 May 1994 10:34:57 -0300 (GRNLNDST)

Hi Webers!
Sorry if my questions are fool...I am just a novice in the W3 world.
I put my server and browsers to do the job OK, all the thing works fine
but a have installed a variant of CSO PH (just to put rules e others
pretty things on the browser output). I use phf.c thats came with
ncsa_htpd...The only problem is that when I try put a inline image:

<IMG SRC="images/anygif.gif"> ...this generate a message:

Error Accessing Server
No conversion between document types....

In the beginning of phf.c output I have the MIME line:

Content-type: text/html that I think that is the source of problems... I
have tried to change it by Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary...etc but
this do not work at all...

Any ideas?
Ricardo Tavares
Universidade Estadual Norte Fluminense - UENF
Network Support
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