Pretty URLs

Marc Salomon (
Wed, 18 May 1994 08:57:19 -0700


Consider the case where an HTML document can be accessed through several
different paths, one of which is through an <ISMAP> inlined image click,
and another through a logical tree structure.

Currently, the mosaic client displays the URL of whatever route to the
page is taken, and that is what is saved in the hotlist if the user chooses
to save the URL. We would like to create the condition (without hacking the
server and client) where we can put the direct link URL to the page in the
hotlist instead of saving the map coordinate URL.

Does anyone know if it is possible in HTTP for the server to specify an
equivalent URL to be both displayed in the mosaic URL window and saved in the
hotlist if the user chooses to do so?

Have issues like this been put off until the UR* groups have completed their


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