Re: WWW Proxy information

Kevin Altis (
Sun, 1 May 1994 15:33:58 -0800

At 3:50 PM 5/1/94 -0500, Paul Burchard wrote:
>> If you have concerns about application level proxies in
>> general or our solution specifically, then please raise
>> them on this list rather than emailing me directly so that
>> we can all participate in the discussion.
>Just a quick question -- could you clarify if authors of interactive
>pages (POST FORMs) need to do anything in order to prevent unintended
>caching in this system? Or is this handled automatically? Thanks!

The FORM itself could be cached depending on the settings on the proxy
server for a site as could the results, but in general, the *results*
wouldn't be cached because results wouldn't have Last-modified or Expires
meta-information and the default caching time for HTTP results without
those meta-fields is 0. I'm currently experimenting with a default
expiration of 15 minutes to an hour or so, to see if it makes a difference
to users.