Re: Bizarre lag problem quelled w/ httpd1.2

Rob McCool (
Sun, 24 Apr 1994 22:55:40 -0500

* Bizarre lag problem quelled w/ httpd1.2 by Brian Behlendorf
* written on Apr 25, 3:55am.
* The problem we were having with lagging in httpd 1.2 was fixed by turning
* off identd checks (why didn't I do that before? I had used the old config
* files from 1.1, and IdentityCheck was a new option I didn't have listed,
* and the default was to have it on - my fault I guess).

Actually, the default is to have it off... really, you shouldn't turn it on
under most circumstances.

* It still doesn't
* explain why the lag to one connection would logjam all the other connections
* (as was its apparent behaivor).

I've found the problem, I goofed. It will be fixed in 1.21.

* The problem with core dumps showing up when Lynx tries to access our
* pages with server-side includes still exists, though.

I've gone back and found this problem as well, this one wasn't nearly as
simple. This one is a show stopper, I'm surprised Mosaic doesn't set it off.
Fixed in 1.21 Real Soon Now.