New WWW - X.500 Gateway at Brunel

Andrew Findlay (
Thu, 21 Apr 1994 16:59:52 +0100 (BST)

New Directory Service for the Web

The X500 group at Brunel University invites comments on its
experimental WWW-X.500 gateway.

WLU is the WWW Lookup service. It provides:

User-Friendly Name (UFN) searching
Browse mode
Flexible configuration
Conversion of JPEG images to GIF on-the-fly

For more details, see:

We believe this gateway is significantly more powerful than the WWW and
Gopher gateways already available.

The source code is not yet ready for distribution, but we are happy for
you to use our gateway to provide service to your users on the
understanding that we may have to turn off the gateway for upgrades or
if the load gets too high.

Please report any bugs or comments to:

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