Re: Local program execution in WWW browsers

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund (
Fri, 15 Apr 94 12:54:16 EDT

] Would probably be better if this were generic enough that all clients
] could use it. Actually, since we're talking about commuication
] between applications, it may not be portable to MS-Windows or Macs but
] at least we can make it UNIX portable.

I have seen a press blurb about DEC and Microsoft working toward a merge
of OLE and CORBA. But I have no details.

] >Invocation of Accessories
] >
] >Applications can be thought of as client side CGI scripts. Thus a
] >rudimentary way of implementing accessory invocation would be:
] >
] > <A AREF=accessory.ext>Generic Accessory</A>
] >
] >However, one would prefer not to specify an actual file, but rather a
] >MIME type which would then be mapped via the .mailcap file to the
] >accessory. This would allow one to create documents that specify a
] >generic type of accessory, and allow the user (via the .mailcap) to
] >choose the version of the accessory that he/she wishes:
] >
] > <A AREF=accessory/x-html-editor>HTML Editor</A>
] >
] >The .mailcap entry for this could be:
] >
] > accessory/x-html-editor HTML-ED.exe
] I guess I don't get what exactly would be in the file "accessory.ext"
] that would be of type "accessory/x-html-editor". More abstractly, I
] don't see how anything except the program itself can be an object of
] that type. Though there should be consistent names for these if
] things are done this way, I don't really think MIME content-types are
] suited to this. What would it mean if I mailed you a message with
] this content-type? What would go in the body?

The concept here is that I want a mapping from the reference of
the accessory (which the creator of the HTML document is specifying)
to the the actual accessory, which the client-user prefers.

That is, HTML document authors would indicate a generic accessory.
I do not want him to be able to provide explicit references to
a particular accessory. (e.g. George Phillip's solution). Instead
I want to specify a type of accessory, and specify the explicit
binding in the .mailcap file.

However, I do hear your point about mailing a message with this content-type.

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