Why the Web needs to change

John C. Mallery (jcma@reagan.ai.mit.edu)
Sat, 2 Apr 1994 14:56-0500

From: marca@eit.com (Marc Andreessen)

The IETF URI group has been working for decades on defining such a
beast -- the URN (Uniform Resource Name). It's currently expected by
the year 2009.


It's real nice when you can ``just do it!''

We did it for our own use and it looks like this:


authority-name is a hierarchical name reflecting organizational subsumption,
country => organization and office

version is a number

format is an extension which is ignored for the purposes of document
identification but useful for return documents in a particular format

Of course, we didn't do document fragments in arbitrary formats.

Most everything else should be an assertion about the object.