Re: html+ - remove <p> and </p>

Doug Hassman (dhassman@a00306.CRAY.COM)
Fri, 1 Apr 1994 10:09:40 -0600

At 7:47 PM 3/31/94 +0000, Piglet wrote:
>first, in html we have the <p> flag to be an inter-paragraph marker
>then, in html+ we have <p>...</p> to be a paragraph container.
>Yet, we have arguments saying don't allow people to put <p>'s in
>willy-nilly, because it may look good on their client, but really
>poor on someone elses. The argument is that the client should
>decide how a document should be formatted depending on the logical
>style that portion of text is in.
>Why then, seeing as paragraph breaks are the most common formatting
>feature, can't we have a simple blank line as paragraph break, just
>like in LaTeX?
>When transforming documents from some format to HTML it would be a
>lot easier, and would enforce slightly more readability of the source
>after all, with a <p> flag, you could have the whole document without
>a line break, and with a <p> legally coming in the middle of a line.
>comments please?

I agree! I have also been frustrated with not having the option of a hard
return without the blank line that the <p> flag adds. Any solution for
that that I have missed?


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