tabs ( or CRs) in form fields?

Ranjini Ramachandran (
Thu, 24 Mar 1994 01:20:44 --100


Has anyone implemented tabbing to fields in forms in X-Mosaic?

I was trying to add functionality to forms so that when a user hits a
return ( since I didn't know how to deal with tabs) in any of the form
textwidgets, the insertion bar advances to the next widget, unless,
ofcourse, it's the last widget, then the form is submitted.

What I did was:

Edit HTMLwidgets.c:
and added the following to the CBActivateField function

if (cnt == count)
CBSubmitForm(w, client_data, call_data);

#ifdef Motif
(void) XmProcessTraversal(w, XmTRAVERSE_NEXT);
#endif Motif

But for some reason, this won't work....

Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have any documentation that will discuss X-Mosaic
architecture ( or shed some light on it) becuase I'm having a hard
time trying to figure it out.

Thanks for any help