Release of Lynx version 2.2

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 17 Feb 1994 19:14:17 --100

Lynx Ver. 2.2 is now available for anonymous ftp from as /pub/lynx/lynx2-2.tar.Z
and /pub/lynx/

( )
( )

Lynx is a distributed hypertext browser with full World Wide Web
capibilities. For an explanation of features and a demo,
telnet to "" and login as "www".

This release of Lynx has been compiled by me on the following platforms:

o IBM (AIX 3.2)
o DEC Ultrix
o DEC Alpha OSF/1
o Sun 4
o NeXT (Mine is an older version of NeXTStep, but it should work
with newer ones too.)
o OpenVMS for Alpha AXP (Multinet)

This release is rumored to compile on the following platforms:
o HP-UX (snake)
o Solaris 2
o SVR4
o SUN 3
o AIX 3.1
o NeXTStep 3.x
o Apollo

Binaries for the following platforms are available:

o IBM (AIX 3.2, will work with 3.1 as well)
o Ultrix
o Alpha OSF/1
o Sun 4
o OpenVMS for Alpha AXP (Multinet)

A listserv list exists for the distribution of
Lynx related information, updates, and development discussion.

Send a subscribe request to to
be added to the list. All new releases will be anounced on this
list. Please do not send subscribe requests to the the Lynx-Dev
list directly.

The following new features have been added/changed:

Please see
for more details on new features.

* Interruptable I/0 now completely works.
Just hit a 'z' anytime during a transfer to abort.
If there is a partial file to show, it will be shown.
* bold and emphasis now use curses underlining to represent
ephasized text. The use of _underline_ chars before and after
the text is now removed.
* added new more informative messages for form links and transfers.
* added 'd' for download current link. Can be used to force a download
of any file.
* Command keys are now completely configureable through the
lynx.cfg file. (thanks go to David Trueman)
* 'r' removed as a comment key. Use 'c' to comment or reconfigure
your keys to add 'r' back in. (I would like to use 'r' in the
future to mean remove current bookmark link)
* Added support for HTTP redirection. (I haven't tested it
heavily because I don't know of many servers using
redirection, so let me know if something breaks)
* Added Referer: header to HTTP request to specify the
URI of the document from which the URI in the request
was obtained. This allows a server to generate lists of back-links
to documents, for interest, logging, etc. It also allows bad links
to be traced for maintenance.
* fixed -dump and -source options so that they work for
binary files.
* Added NNTP posting capibilities. Currently uses external inews
program which will be included in the utils directory.
Would someone like to patch in some freeware inews code?
* Added configurable download menu so that binary files may
be downloaded using any protocol. Download menu is displayed
after selecting a non-displayable file.
* added configurable character sets. Can be set in lynx.cfg,
by the user in the options screen, or in the users .lynxrc file
current sets are: ISO Latin I, DEC Multinational, IBM PC Character set,
& 7 bit approximations. New sets can be added to src/LYCharSets.c
* slight change in forms user interface. For the better I hope you will
agree. Text input fields are now active as soon as the cursor pointer
is over them. Therefore you may begin typing into the text field
as soon as you come to it. Tab, and up and down arrow keys will
move off of the text input field. Return will also move to the
next link. The only problem with this is as follows.
If you are in the habit of using the number keys (keypad)
the or h,j,k,l VI keys, as soon as you move over the text link
you will begin seeing numbers or hjk or l show up in the text field.
In other words, your movement commands are now broken :( You must
use true arrow keys, return or the tab key to move off of the text field.
I've tried this out and it seems to work alright. I don't think
that users unfamiliar with this will have too hard a time figureing
it out. Once you see numbers or letter appearing it becomes fairly
obvious whats going on. Lynx puts a message at the bottom of the
screen saying "use tab or arrow keys to move off of link."
* added mods by David Trueman to implement -restrictions commandline
option. -restrictions allows a list of services to be disabled
selectively. -restrictions takes the form of
"lynx -restrictions=[default],[all],[inside_telnet],[outside_telnet],[shell],\

all restricts all options.
default same as commandline option -anonymous. Disables
default services for anonymous users. Currently set to,
all restricted except for: inside_telnet, outside_telnet, and
goto. Defaults settable within userdefs.h
inside_telnet disallow telnets for people coming from inside your
outside_telnet disallow telnets for people coming from outside your
shell disallow shell escapes
editor disallow editing
bookmark disallow changing the location of the bookmark file.
options_save disallow saving options in .lynxrc
print disallow most print options
goto disable the 'g' (goto) command.
file_url disallow using G)oto to go to file: URL's
download disallow saving binary files to disk in the download menu.
exec disable execution scripts
exec_frozen disallow the user from changing the execution link
setting in the O)ptions menu.
* Added command line option -show_curser. If enabled the curser
will not be hidden in the right hand corner but will instead
be positioned at the start of the currently selected link.
show curser is the default for systems without FANCY_CURSES
capibilities, and the default configuration can be changed in
* fixed bug in password handling which cuased it to be displayed
accidentally :( (Danny Mayer)
* Added exec links. 4 types currently defined: (* compiled out by default! *)
files ending in: .csh, .ksh, .sh, (for UNIX) and .com (for VMS);
Use exec link controls to turn on and off exec links.
* Gopher menues are now within <pre> so that spaces are not
collapsed in menu entries.
* Ability to FTP to VMS systems. (Foteos Macrides)
* Lynx FTP now supports PASV code. (fixes to CERN (Dave Raggert?) PASV code
from John Ellson) It is not enabled by default. Line 43 in
WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFTP must be commented out for
PASV code to be used. This was done because not all FTP sites
can support PASV FTP.


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