WYSIWYG HTML editor for the X Window System - comp.multimedia #13003

Wed, 12 Jan 1994 10:50:08 -0600

Found this on the comp.multimedia newsgroup. Everyone provide your input - maybe it will
be what everyone has been wanting. (or at least the beginnings of something that can be
polished up by someone else if they don't quite make it)


In article <2gueru$m94@crcnis1.unl.edu>, reich@unlinfo.unl.edu (stephen reichenbach) writes:
I am assigning the students in my Multimedia Computing Seminar to
write a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the X Window System (to be done as
a group project). We plan to make the program available.

I am writing this note to request from interested users suggestions
about the design, functionality, etc. of this project.

Please post your suggestions so that others in the community will
have an opportunity to expand or comment on others' suggestions.

Thank you.

Steve Reichenbach (reich@cse.unl.edu)

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