Formatting Options in HTML?

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 13 May 93 12:50:25 -0500

Adrian F Clark writes:
> People might be interested to know that a couple of colleagues and I
> have successfully produced a hypertext/multimedia previewer for TeX,
> and a LaTeX style file to encapsulate these features. The mark-up is
> still logical in nature, though no longer SGML of course. This means
> that centred and flushed text is possible -- and mathematics, which is
> important for my purposes. And images, sound, video, and even limited
> interaction with the underlying system.
> As things stand, the hypertext is not compatible with WWW but, as soon
> as I feel I understand WWW and HTML, I'll have a go at a previewer
> that uses a compatible hypertext mechanism. However, I don't see how
> I could make it compatible with existing previewers: the features
> offered by (La-)TeX are significantly greater, as far as I can tell,
> than those available in any existing WWW viewer.

Is it available?


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