Re: Formatting Options in HTML?

Marc Andreessen (
Wed, 12 May 93 20:06:48 -0500

Tim Berners-Lee writes:
> Notice that even the line mode browser centers H1 headings and right
> justifies ADDRESS sections for example. I think that Mosaic for X
> doesn't because the text widget used doesn't have any justification
> or tabbing. There is no reason why a browser should not have the
> justufication style user-defined for each element.

Mosaic (i.e. the HTML widget) had centering at one point, but it
wasn't used because we thought headers looked better without. At some
point we'll do full style sheets, and have it as an option...

(However, that does raise the question of what it means to have
headers embedded in other elements, and if that's even allowable, as
has been bandied about here in the past.)