Re: The spec evolves...

Edward Vielmetti (
Fri, 04 Dec 92 17:46:23 EST

4. I added a TEXT attribute to anchor tags. The idea
is that all <A HREF=...> point to MIME text/* objects. The
TEXT parameter tells you the subtype, so you don't have
to zen it from the filename (or so you can override the
filename.) For example:

<A HREF="TheProject.html" TEXT=PLAIN>This is
a link to that file treated as a plain text

Is there an SGML reason (apart from a W3 reason) not to also recommend
that we do a
<A HREF=""
This is a link to a picture of some fishies.</A>
where the CONTENTTYPE matches the MIME/IANA registry of same? This
would be a simple enough way to stick in links to graphics.

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