Bug fix for MidasWWW-1.0

Tony Johnson (TONYJ@scs.slac.stanford.edu)
Tue, 1 Dec 1992 20:59 PDT

Since many of the CERN HTML documents (in particular the CERN home page) were
changed recently to include " "'s around the document references and since version
1.0 of midas did not support this, many of the links from the CERN home pages no
longer work with midaswww. The sympom is a message of the form:


Gateway was unable to connect to: "http://info.cern.ch/"

The fix involves changing one small routine in the midaswww-1.0 distribution,
SGMLAnchorText.c ... The fixed routine is now available as a plain text file via
anonymous ftp from FreeHEP.Scri.Fsu.Edu as


As many people have pointed out, there are many more bugs in version 1.0 of
midaswww. I am working to fix them all and expect to have a new release in the next
month. Thanks to everyone who has been sending bug reports (and even more thanks to
those who have sent fixes!).