Re: The <PRE> tag

Tim Berners-Lee (
Tue, 1 Dec 92 16:41:19 +0100

Perhaps we should have all three.

<FIXED> newlines not significant anchors PCDATA

<PRE> newlines significant no anchors RCDATA

<XMP> newlines significant no anchors CDATA

I understand that these are the only SGML-conformant combinations. Is this too
much of a mess?

Tony, can you make a similar patch for <fixed> as above for Midas?

I have put Dan's new spec (which contains <typewriter> -- what's going on,
Dan?!) in the web at with a link from
the current spec. The DTD was not in the tar file, so Dan's previous one is
linked in. This includes all Dan's test HTML.

I would like to include <HEADER> and <BODY> tags too.