Re: Freezing the HTML spec Re: Comments in HTML ?

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 19 Nov 92 15:53:01 -0800

Dan Connolly writes:
> 8. I'm browsing the annotated
> and I click on "Comments by". The browser contacts
> its NNTP server and grabs message-id.

But NNTP servers expire articles too quickly.

(Also, I just mutated metamail to handle x-html, like this:

in mailcap:

text/x-html; /usr/bin/X11/xterm -fn "*lucidatypewriter*medium*-14-*" -e /usr/local/bin/dowwwfile %s

in /usr/local/bin/dowwwfile:

export PATH
cp $1 $1.html
export WWW_HOME

It's a hack, but it's functional...)


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