Tim Berners-Lee (
Wed, 4 Nov 92 15:42:31 +0100

> The point should be (IMHO) that the rendering decision should ALWAYS be
> left to the client. Any rendering-centric portions of HGML should be
> replaced by more general constructs.

Absolutely. Pei's latest Viola allows ffor example a LISTING section to
be viewed as an embedded scrollable region. There is nothing rendering-centric
in HTML.

> Perhaps what we need is a WG to design the next generation of HGML? Is
> there such a beast already?

Those who have been interested in it have aired their views on this list.
Theer haven't been many concrete suggestions for different elements
(except for a fixed width format which allows embedded anchors).

Dan has done a lot of work cleaning it up.
I would like to see separate header and body sections,
so that document-wide info like the title, author, can be found easily
before the body. Of course, if one uses MIME, ther is the
mail header with From: and Subject: fields.
which could be used fro the header, i.e. take teh header out of the