www/viola "memory leak" on SUN ?

Werner Koellner, LBL (koellner@csa6.lbl.gov%lbl.bitnet)
Mon, 5 Oct 92 08:53:13 PDT

LBL, Physics Division, 5-OCT-1992

I am running the Viola Version of www on a SUN Sparcstation using
SunOS 4.1.2.

Because after some time memory in use approaches the allocated swap
space, I have kept statistics of memory in use by some partcicular
processes that I normally start to run in the background. Besides www I
have watched xrn, with the X11 or MOTIF window managers under both
X11/R4 and X11/R5.

I find that memory used by xrn remains about the same over time.

However, the memory used by viola grows steadily with time even though
no direct access www is being made.

I see also some minor increase by X:0.

I wonder if such apparent "memory leak" has been noticed by
anyone else? Of, course I would also appreciate suggestions
for correctiong this problem.

Best regards,