web, schmeb, give me a hierarchy

Frank Kappe (fkappe@fiicmds04.tu-graz.ac.at)
Sat, 22 Aug 92 12:33:57 +0200

>>>>> On Thu, 20 Aug 92 13:17:26 EDT, Edward Vielmetti <emv@msen.com> said:

Ed> a frustrating experience I want to relate...

Ed> ...

Ed> the www stuff is organized in directories that make some sense. I
Ed> would like to browse through them that way, ploddingly and
Ed> methodically, just like I can plow through gopherspace and examine
Ed> each document in turn. I don't see a good way to do that, and it's
Ed> frustrating.

What you tell us is part of the disorientation problem frequently reported by
hypertext users ("lost in hyperspace"). In my opinion, the solution you propose
- adding a hierarchical view of the docuverse like in gopherspace - makes a lot
of sense. Therefore Hyper-G, the hypermedia system that we are currently
developing offers not only a pure hypertext user interface metaphor, but
combines it with a hierarchy of browsable and searchable "collections" and
so-called "guided tours" where you can follow trails you or anybody else has
previously defined.