Pointers to Voice magazine on the web

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl)
Thu, 13 Aug 92 01:24:34 GMT+0100


There is no problem making your magazine reachable through CERN-
sourced lists. I would suggest an entry in the W3 servers list but
also more importantly an entry in the Sunject index. It is great that
you are doing this. I'll also send something around on the www-announce
list when you are happy with general access. (Sorry, Subject not Sunject
of course).

I would suggest a pre-release to get some feedback from W3 readers
on the format -- you could send a message to www-talk asking for
comments (a small list of people -- www-announce is much longer).
That would be the moment you have a rough version ready.

I'm looking forward to reading it!

Tim Berners-Lee

From boutell@isis.cshl.org Wed Aug 12 23:47:10 1992
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From: boutell@isis.cshl.org (Tom Boutell)
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To: www-request@nxoc01.cern.ch
Subject: Making my Magazine Available...

I will shortly be releasing the first issue of a new electronic
magazine, which will be dedicated to a given topic of general
interest in each issue. (The first issue deals with abortion,
from multiple standpoints; I'll be printing pro - life, pro - choice
and intermediate articles.) I'd like to make the magazine available
over WWW.

I'm a programmer by trade and have already hacked my base html a bit,
so I think I can probably manage to get the hang of doing this.
What I'd like to ask is how to get the magazine listed somewhere
where it will be seen - on the CERN entry point page, for
instance (or somewhere relatively close at least). Am I the
only one requesting this sort of thing? Probably not, so I'm not
expecting the world. But making it available in a reasonably prominent
fashion would help the magazine (which is strictly free of course)
get started, and in return I would explain how to get started
with WWW in the other electronic and nonelectronic editions of
the magazine.

Let me know! I hope to release the first issue in early September.
It'll be made available over the net by multiple means to increase
readership, but WWW is actually probably the most elegant possible.
It'll eventually make for a truly beautiful way of disseminating
back issues, for instance.

(The topic of the second issue is likely to be the limitations
of free speech, obviously a hot issue for those pressing the
limits of network technology!)

Thanks for your help.

-Tom Boutell, Editor, Voice (name of magazine likely to change
before publication as it conflicts with a few others here