Re: your WWW questions

Bob Peterson (
Tue, 30 Jun 92 6:48:45 CDT

You said:
> Hello !
> ...
> ..."TheProject.html" is the hypertext page that you obtain when
> clicking on the "?" icon in Viola, and then on the first link named
> "World-Wide Web". If it doesn't work, it probably means that your
> Internet connection has a problem, perhaps a bad configuration of the
> name server. Try typing this in the "Doc ID" field at the bottom of Viola:
> and hit Return.

The problem is caused, as I understand it, by the (single) gateway
between the company's internal networks and the Internet. That gateway
allows _NO_ TCP/IP connections between an internal machine and an
external machine. Also, the gateway machine offers no compiler and, in
general, refuses to allow ordinary users to install arbitrary code,
e.g., www.

> Cheers !
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