Re: CURIA - WWW server for Irish manuscripts coming soon

Edward Vielmetti (
Fri, 27 Mar 92 09:26:55 -0500

w/r/t encoding of non-Latin characters, I'd recommend at least looking
at the work of the "Text Encoding Initiative" (the TEI) - they're
a scholarly bunch who have standards for how to do SGML encoding
of scholarly texts esp. including representation of glyphs from languages
other than English.

as to a reference, hm. so far as I know none of the discussions
are WAISed yet, the best bet is the listserv at UICVM.UIC.EDU.

<title> tei - text encoding initiative </title>

michael sperberg-mcqueen at uic
some !@#$ listserv somewhere, let's see
<a href=wais://> look in lists </a>