"Cannot connect to information gateway %s\n", gateway

Edward Vielmetti (emv@msen.com)
Sun, 22 Mar 92 00:02:11 -0500

(that's from HTAccess.c)

I want to be able to make references like
www rfc:934
or www rfc:934.txt
and have that turned into
www file://ftp.nisc.sri.com/rfc/rfc934.txt

what should I set "WWW_rfc_GATEWAY" to to do something like that?

it looks like the code in HTAccess.c is only set up to use HTTP as
a gateway scheme, which is fair and good, though I would expect that
if I say
setenv WWW_rfc_GATEWAY file://ftp.nisc.sri.com/rfc/
that it would look and say "aha, a file, better FTP it".

this is with the 1.2c version of the line mode browser.