Personal battle plans for Drupal 6


January 20, 2007

With Drupal 5.0 out of the door, it is time to start talking about the next version of Drupal. If you plan to work on something, or if you are going to contribute to Drupal in one way or another, please share your "personal battle plan" in the comments. A "personal battle plan" is a summary or itemized list of things you are going to work on in the next couple months.

Important guidelines

In this thread, we are only interested in what you plan to contribute, and not what you'd like other people to work on. Please, do NOT post personal wishlists and refrain from theorizing or sharing your grand vision. This is not the place to request features, to talk about implementation details, to discuss Drupal's general direction, or to debate about version schemes. This thread is meant to be a collection of things people are actually going to work on. If you are not going to contribute, don't post any comments at all. Comments that violate these guidelines, in part or in full, will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.

Personal battle plans for Drupal 5


January 20, 2007

If you want, you can look up your personal battle plans for Drupal 5 []. It might be able to get some ideas from the past, or it might help you set better targets for Drupal 6. ;)

Clean URLs management interface

solipsist - February 19, 2007 - 00:32

I'd like to do some or all of this, time permitting:

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