Open-RealtyŽ 2.4.0 - SVN Revision 1742

FIXED: Google maps treats the entire string as a single address or location and will not attempt to provide directions if "from" or "to" are in the title This is related to bug/feature #920

Fix bug with admins not being able to mark listings as featured unless they also had teh featureListings privilage

FIXED: updated the edit profile function to properly handle password checks and checks of all the user fields to make sure they are filled out properly. This is related to bug/feature #905

All listing images data can be updated at one time. This is related to bug/feature #348

Added more options to filter the edit listings page.

Added Basic RSS Feed support.

Updated Adodb to fix issues with latest PHP releases

Replaced Yahoo School and neighborhood info with and

Many other changes were also done, please read the changelog for a full description of the changes.