Personal battle plans for next major Drupal version

Dries - May 2, 2006

With Drupal 4.7.0 out of the door, it is time to start talking about the next version of Drupal. If you plan to work on something, or if you are going to contribute to Drupal in one way or another, please share your "personal battle plan" in the comments. A "personal battle plan" is a summary or itemized list of things you are going to work on in the next couple months.

Important guidelines

In this thread, we are only interested in what you plan to contribute, and not what you'd like other people to work on. Please, do NOT post personal wishlists and refrain from theorizing or sharing your grand vision. This is not the place to request features, to talk about implementation details, to discuss Drupal's general direction, or to debate about version schemes. This thread is meant to be a handy overview of what people are actually working on so stick to concrete action items. If you are not going to contribute, or if you haven't posted your own battle plan, don't post any comments at all. Comments that violate these guidelines, in part or in full, will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.

Making Drupal look and feel better

Steven - May 2, 2006

I think with 4.7 we have a very, very solid base nailed down. Sure, Form API is still going new ways, but we've already covered quite a lot of ground.

That's why I want to focus on making Drupal look better. Not just good usability, but a nice interface around it. People say Joomla works and looks better, but that's just an impression. We all know Drupal has the cleanest, most flexible code around ;).

I'd like to keep working on the new default theme (Vancouver) working group, though I haven't had much time for that until now. I'd also like to look at how the administration section (revamped with the dashboard-alike work that is being done by CSL) can be made nicer and cleaner. And little details, like a good default styling of previews, can make the whole Drupal experience much nicer.

I'd also like to keep pushing in more nicer JS and Ajax features. For example, I think if we can find a clean and usable way to get expandable DHTML menus in, we should totally go for it. If we can get an Ajax preview going, that'd be great. Inline commenting, go for it.

Other than that, if a new area comes up where I can help, I'll be sure to lend a hand!
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A kick-butt installer

geilhufe - May 5, 2006

OK, we're not really a "person", but CivicSpace has lots of plans, though we prefer to back up the plans with working code.

The current push is a complete install system for Drupal 4.8. See the videocast at:

Not completed, but it works. Find out how you can help.

David Geilhufe
Managing Partner, CivicSpace

Jooma looks better and is easier?

grcm - May 6, 2006

I know Drupal has better and cleaner code. I'm very glad to know that.

Sadly, most people don't really care.

We need to make sure Drupal is as easy to use as Joomla.

Even making a bog-standard blog is pretty complex. Let alone a corporate I-just-want-simple-pages-with-a-common-theme/look-nothing-else site.

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more community and individually oriented

mixel - May 22, 2006

Drupal look to me as the most community oriented CMS. From the history perspective drupal comes from 'dorp' (village), thats simple cool and the way to go if you ask me. I belief the social networking systems (frienster, openBC, linkedin, etx) has been a home for specific groups. Still we can archive so much more.

I may be a dreamer, but I like to work on my dreams, I'm involved in a project that is called Knowledge sharing over social software . We are using Drupal to get there and we have been working on the project from September 2005 (and continue until September 2007). At the moment I'm trying to get some discussion about knowledge sharing and the drupal spirit. Any one who likes to follow this tread or has some opinion on it, pleas join the group. I'll start proposing patches to work in the direction in a few days.

Installation and theming help to get Drupal to the masses

iDonny - May 23, 2006

I Intend to continue helping Drupal users understand how to install and configure the application with great emphasis in the theming and customisation of Drupal to fit the functions and requirements of their particular niche. Part of the obstacle is for people to create corporate or design oriented websites using Drupal without having to compromise their branding, I will participate in the testing of alpha and beta versions, and introduce new features and theming solutions to new users (my CMS clients and others in the support forums).

iDonny - Web Content Management System Design, Development. & CRM