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Dries - April 28, 2006

The code freeze is over! We're accepting new features in the development version of Drupal while the forthcoming Drupal 4.7.0 release is being finalized and maintained parallel to that in the newly created DRUPAL-4-7 branch. That said, bear in mind that the current focus is to release Drupal 4.7.0, and not to add features to the development version.

[edit. Instead of throwing here every feature request in mind, please use the the request new feature facility of the issue tracker but only after you have given a lot of consideration that your feature is truly core worthy. chx]

I don't understand. Does

nathandigriz - April 28, 2006

I don't understand. Does this apply to 4.8? or 4.7? Does this mean that i18n.module work can start for 4.7 or is it delayed because 4.7 may change? Jose said no i18n until 4.7 is finalized. Doesthis mean that it is finalized?


Dries - April 28, 2006

Drupal 4.7 is in "maintenance mode", meaning we just fix bugs. We don't add new features to Drupal 4.7.

Note that there is no i18n.module in core. However, as of today, people can start pushing a i18n.module for inclusion in the development version of Drupal. Eventually, the development version will be released as Drupal 4.8.0. So, as of today, we start shaping what will be Drupal 4.8.0.

Better url alias management

sgwealti - April 30, 2006

URL aliasing doesn't scale. It starts to get impossible to manage URL aliases once you have thousands of them. I'm not sure what the best way to do it is but we need to start thinking about how to implement something to make them more manageable.


moshe weitzman - May 1, 2006

you can alias on the fly in php using conf_url_rewrite(). see docs for details. thats the scalable way.

Aliasing in 4.7 was

matt westgate - May 1, 2006

Aliasing in 4.7 was rewritten to perform much better than its predecessor. Rather than loading the entire alias table per request, Drupal only loads the aliases it needs per page request.

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