Future of Mambo Development

Written by Team Mambo   

Friday, 04 November 2005

Today, the Mambo Core Development Team and the Mambo Steering Committee released a Policy Statement outlining the plans for the future development of the Mambo Open Source Content Management System. The statement outlines the new team's philosophy and approach and provides details on both short and long term goals. If you are interested in Mambo development, or how Team Mambo is addressing the challenges they face, we encourage you to take the time to read this article.

Bringing ideas to fruition

Establishing stability

The Mambo Core Development Team is almost entirely new to the Mambo code and as a result, brings fresh eyes with new views on the state of the project. The released code is feature rich, but the new team feels a need to review a number of the core mechanisms in order to make them robust enough for further long term development. The code that was under development at the time of the fork was incomplete and not fully tested, so without the knowledge that departed with its developers, is considered to be of limited value.

In this situation, the core team's first priority is to deal with the recorded bugs in in order of significance and to tackle all known security weaknesses. The factors that cause these problems are generally well known and it is essential that the security issues be addressed quickly and effectively.

Historically releases of Mambo tended to involve a very high proportion of the total code and sometimes came with disruptive frequency. Goals for future stability include: efforts to implement development and release control procedures that will reduce the frequency of bugs and remedial releases; and, progressive design, with particular emphasis on encapsulation inside sound and documented interfaces.

While bugs are being fixed and security loopholes eliminated, improvements are being made, mostly in small ways, and the team is gaining familiarity with the code.

On minor housekeeping issues:

Current Mambo Development Projects

Dates are given for guidance only. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep to them, but in the nature of a complex project that relies on volunteer workers, none can be guaranteed.

Mambo Development Goals

Much of Mambo consists of plugins components, modules or mambots sometimes known collectively as CMTs. (This part of Mambo is also being called the 'outer core'. The plugins are automatically installed as part of the Mambo installation, unlike third party plugins. In order for plugins to be possible, Mambo requires an inner core.

Policies for Development

In order to achieve the goals stated above, and other significant goals, the following policies are being adopted by the core development team.

Hosting Policies

A few simple points will illustrate the current intentions with regard to hosting. A good many practical problems arise with hosting, and efforts will be made to provide better documentation on these.

Near future development projects

Longer term projects


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