New Team Mambo & Board Member

Written by Mambo Foundation   

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

The Mambo Foundation is pleased to announce the re-formation of the Mambo Steering Committee (MSC) and the filling of the MSC's seat on the Mambo Foundation Board of Directors. Team Mambo is back and stronger than ever!

By way of introduction: Mambo development is driven by the community, with community members being broken up into 7 teams. The 7 Teams are:

After the fork of the codeset, the Teams were reformed in early October. The new CoreDev Team includes the following individuals:

"The new team has a great deal of experience and excellent skills," notes Team Leader Martin Brampton. "We have been discussing priorities and methodologies and the current state of the code. We feel that, while a lot of the work we inherited is good, there is plenty of room for improvement."

Each of the 7 teams elects a leader and those leaders together form the Mambo Steering Committee (MSC). The MSC's role is to serve as the coordinating body for the Teams and to drive the development process, as well as to manage the related tasks of documentation and community relations.

Advocacy & PR Leader Ric Shreves says, "Comparisons with the old Team are going to be impossible to avoid, but we're not shying away from them as the new Team is first rate. The credentials are very solid. To name but a few, the gentleman running Documentation has written a book on Mambo, the man leading the Translation Team has already done one localization of the system and runs Mambo training in Thai, and the gentleman running Dev is very senior with excellent credentials and connections within the international PHP community."

"The new Team is distinctly different from the old in another important way. The new Team is more International and reflects better the user base of Mambo. Whereas the old Team was dominated by English speakers from Australia, UK, and the North America, the new Team has leaders from Switzerland, Thailand, Israel, Indonesia, and Greece, as well as from the UK and the USA. When you look at the Team members, you see people from all over the globe. This is a level of diversity the group never achieved before and it will shape the future of this program in a positive manner," Shreves added.

New Board Member

On Friday of last week, Martin Brampton was elected by the MSC to fill the empty MSC seat on the Mambo Foundation Board of Directors. The other members of the Board are: Peter Lamont and Justina Phoon of Miro, and Jim Begley of Productized.

"The Mambo Foundation Board now has one seat left open, which we hope to fill with a strategic member from the Open Source community," stated Ric Shreves. "As originally composed, the Board included 2 persons from Miro and 3 persons from outside. We are in the process of restoring the balance and hopefully providing some assurance for those who fear the Board may be dominated by one group's interests."

The Mambo Foundation Board fills an administrative role handling primarily Mambo Foundation corporate matters. While the Board does not control the development decisions (those are made by the MSC), the Board does act in a consultative capacity for the MSC and is also involved in community outreach.


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