Miro transfers Mambo Copyright and Trademark to the Mambo Foundation

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 22 August 2005 – The Mambo Foundation has announced that Miro International, founder, copyright and trademark owner of Mambo Open Source, has begun the process of transferring the copyright and trademark of Mambo to the Mambo Foundation today. The agreement between Miro International and the Mambo Foundation is to transfer outright to the Mambo Foundation all of the intellectual property rights relating to Mambo.

Peter Lamont said, “Over the past few days, a few people in the community took the time to come to me directly to help me understand why it was so important that the Foundation should own Mambo’s copyright and trademark outright, and not just a license. Transferring the copyright was an easier decision to make now that there is a responsible structure to manage it.”

Miro’s original decision to keep the copyright and trademark ownership of Mambo was to safeguard the intellectual property for the community and not provide anyone an opportunity to exploit the project to their own advantage or benefits.

With the development team’s en masse resignations from the Mambo project, the Foundation is committed to recruiting members of the community who are currently active and have expressed interest in contributing further to the project, but may not previously have had the opportunity to serve in various leadership and team roles.

The Mambo Foundation will continue in its efforts to create an effective organisational structure for the community to thrive in. Much like the Mambo project itself, the Foundation has been established based on a vision which will organically evolve with time as the community provides constructive input on how to keep Mambo the best CMS in the open source arena.


Mambo is an Open Source content management system. You can read more about Mambo at www.mamboserver.com and download the latest version of Mambo at www.mamboforge.net. Mambo is released under the GNU General Public Licence courtesy of Miro International Pty Ltd. Mambo runs on most Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X computers with PHP and MySQL. For more information on the Mambo Foundation, please visit www.mambo-foundation.org

was formed in March 2000 in Melbourne, Australia as a software development company specializing in collaborative software solutions. www.miro.com.au

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