Mambo Open Source Development Team - Letter to the community

Much has been said about the Mambo Open Source project and the establishment of the Mambo Foundation to benefit the future of Mambo.

We, the core development teams, unanimously believe:

We, the development team, have serious concerns about the Mambo Foundation and its relationship to the community. We believe the future of Mambo should be controlled by the demands of its users and the abilities of its developers. The Mambo Foundation is designed to grant that control to Miro, a design that makes cooperation between the Foundation and the community impossible.

What we will do: We will continue to develop and improve a version of this award-winning software project currently released under the GNU General Public License. We wish Miro and the Mambo Foundation well and regret that we are not able to work with them.

We have retained the Software Freedom Law Center to advise us in this matter and will release more information about our short-term plan in the near future. 

17 august 2005, The Mambo Development Team :

Andrew Eddie
Emir Sakic
Andy Miller
Rey Gigataras
Mitch Pirtle
Tim Broeker
Alex Kempkens
Arno Zijlstra
Jean-Marie Simonet
Levis Bisson
Andy Stewart
Peter Russell
Brad Baker
Brian Teeman
Michelle Bisson
Trijnie Wanders
Shayne Bartlett
Nick Annies
Johan Janssens


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