Mambo 4.5 and 5.0 Roadmap


Mambo is quickly becoming one of the most popular free open source software projects. It's catch-cry has long been "Power in Simplicity". This document outlines the current thinking of the Development Team for the maintenance of version 4.5 of the Content Management System and the development of version 5.0 incorporating both new technologies and long sought after features.

Version Convention

Versioning of Mambo releases follows an X.Y.Z convention where:


The support for version 4.5 is planned to end no earlier than 31 December 2005. During this time all updates to existing features, barring fixes relating to security issues and some bugs, will remain backwardly compatible with version 4.5.1a. This provides for consistency and stability of development during 2005 and allows for the writing of documentation and training materials with a reduced risk of the changes in core functionality making such documents out-of-date. It also provides third party developers a period of stability within the core API so that they are not updating their products with every incremental release of Mambo.

Version 5.0 will be developed in parallel with the maintenance of version 4.5. This version is not intended to be completely backwardly compatible with version 4.5.x. This enables the Development Team to explore new and cutting edge technologies, improve ergonomics, database and API design and to fix legacy issues that have plagued the core files.

It is intended that version 4.5.x will be maintained for a 'settling in' period after the initial release of 5.0. While the exact length of this period is yet to be determined it is likely to last until at least the availability of the first 5.0 maintenance release (that being version 5.0.1). Once version 5.0 is considered to be nominally stable, and when new documentation and training material is prepared, a date for ending the official support of version 4.5.x will be determined.

During the development of 5.0 we intend to have a general lead-in period of alpha and beta versions to allow for the upgrading of existing third party products.


The general goals of the maintenance of version 4.5.x are:

New features planned for version 4.5 include:

The broad goals of version 5.0 are:

Milestone Plan

The following is subject to change as development progresses.

Version Date Summaray of major items
4.5.2 14 Feb 2005 Bug fixes
patTemplate libraries added for testing, enhancements to file permissions
4.5.3 Mar 2005 Bug fixes
Administrator language support
Implement ADODB
4.5.4 May 2005 Bug fixes
4.5.5 1 Jun 2005 Bug fixes
5.0.0 alpha Mid (?) 2005 New ACL
Multi-DB support
Object based API
Unlimited folders format replaces fixed Section/Categories
MVC implemented in conjunction with patTemplating engine
Better web standards (XHTML, RTL languages, etc)
Support for translation of content
Simple workflow engine
5.0.0 Late (?) 2005 First stable release
5.1.0 2006 Workflow engine expanded


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