Drupal 4.6 battle plans

Dries - October 12, 2004

With Drupal 4.5 around the corner, it is time to start talking about Drupal 4.6. If you plan to work on something, or to contribute to Drupal in one way or another, please share your personal battle plan in the comments. We are merely interested in what you plan to contribute, rather than what you'd like other people to work on. So please do not post personal wishlists and read on for more information.

Based on feedback of the community, I created two initial figures that I believe represent the key areas we should be working on -- and that I plan to (help) work on myself. The first figure presents a battle plan for Drupal 4.6 and above. The second graph depicts a battle plan for our website, drupal.org. The most important items are denoted in red.

Note that the figures are not complete and that they are subject to change, however, I think they pretty much summarize my personal view. As always, your view and battle plan may vary. If you plan to contribute to Drupal, and don't know where to start, mine and the other battle plans are a good starting point.

Drupal battle plan

Drupal.org battle plan

So, what is your view and what can we expect from you for Drupal 4.6?


Robert Castelo - October 13, 2004

I think the lack of Drupal themes is still a major weakness.

The Drupal Theme Garden should help promote what themes we do have, but it would be nice to have more available.

I noticed that Pushbutton has been ported to Wordpress (kind of an accolade I suppose :-). This got me thinking that what I could do is look at other GNU CMS and port their best templates over to Drupal.

me too

chrisada - December 14, 2004

I did Kubrick and plan to port a few more GPL themes. I am waiting for version 1.0 of Manji to be released, and will start doing the conversion.

I am trying to choose themes that are intended to be templates that people can customize quite easily.

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