We are proud to release a new design for the open-realty.org site.

Open-Realty 1.X Features:

Open-Realty 2.X Features:

Commercial Add-Ons

With the release of open-realty 2.0, Transparent Technolgoies and some partner companies will begin offering commercial add-ons and templates for open-realty. Check back here after open-realty 2.0 final is released.


This is a list of people who make this project possible.

Lead Developer and Project Coordinator:

Ryan "greengiant" Bonham - A former system administrator and software developer, Ryan became lead developer for open-realty in late 2002. Ryan left his full time job and founded Transparent Technologies in the fall of 2003.

Community Developers:

Mick - A full time law enforcement officer and late night programmer, Mick has written a number of open-source add-ons for open-realty, including the virtual tour add-on which is now part of open-realty 2.0.

Lloyd "RealtyOne" - Lloyd or RO as we have come to call him, has written a large number of open-source add-ons for open-realty and has been a active member on the support forums. Unfortunately, he has had to focus his time on other things in his life, and has not been able to be as active with the project as we all wish he was.

Mike "LTP" - Mike is a fanatic when it comes to code structure and xhtml specifications. He keeps the rest of us well aware of our mistakes and has contributed thankless hours of testing and coding to the development of 2.0.

Zac "The Sandking" - SK is a great programmer and a valueable member of the support forums. He is by many considered the MLS guru, and has a commercial MLS Import solution based on open-realty 1.X avaliable.

Former Project Members:

Jon Roig - Jon was the founder of the open-realty project. He has since moved on to other projects and we wish him the best with what he is doing. We hope Jon returns to open-realty some day; his ideas are what started this great project.


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