3.1 (2004.08.31)

Scheduled (``Future'') posting.

Dynamic pages powered by PHP.

Subcategories for hierarchical categorization of posts.

New application-level callbacks enable new ways to extend the Movable Type platform: new hook points allow fine control over site rebuilds as well as filtering and throttling for comments and TrackBack pings.

Plugins now have more ways to add to the Movable Type user interface, with more ``plugin actions'' and an ability to add items to the rebuild menu.

TransparentProxyIPs configuration setting allows IP addresses to be seen through a local proxy.

New default trackback throttling behavior is less likely to block legitimate pings.

Category archives now enabled by default.

Fixes and new features at the lower levels make Movable Type a better platform with which to develop applications.

Numerous bugs fixed with the help of our dedicated beta testers.

3.01D (2004.07.08)

Comment preview is no longer dropped when using MTCommentFields with <MTCommentFields preview=``1''>.

Default templates now have valid HTML in a few places where they didn't before.

Lots of bugs fixed with export and import, and the primary category of an entry is included with an export.

QuickPost on the right-click menu no longer complains.

Adding TypeKey comments is easier, with MTRemoteSignIn and MTRemoteSignOut (see below).

Numerous other bug fixes.


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