Hosting Service Announcement

08-17-2004, 02:23 AM


Transparent Technologies is proud to announce we have recently completed a server upgrade to help better server our customers. We are now running a Dual Opteron Server with RAID 1 hard drive. We also added a second level of data backup giving us two additional data recovery options besides the RAID system.

Our datacenter completed its network upgrade in June and is multi-homed with multiple fiber-optic connections to the internet. On July 28th our datacenter informed us they had secured a deal with SBC to provide redundant OC-48 diverse path connectivity. This new OC-48 will feature redundant level 6 fiber along with diverse paths connecting to multiple central offices, allowing for uninterrupted network integrity and operation even in the catastrophic failure of an entire supporting primary CO.

As always we are working to insure we offer the best hosting solution possible to our clients. We don’t believe in over selling our server and sacrificing speed and reliability to make a few extra dollars. We know that top level service is what our customers want and we work every day to insure that.

I would like to offer anyone looking for web hosting with an opportunity to signup with Transparent Technologies now and get one month of free hosting. Use coupon code “1freemonth” and receive 1 month off the basic shared hosting plan. This offer is good till Sept 1rst 2004. All hosting accounts offer a free install of open-realty. For more information on our hosting please see the following links.

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Ryan C. Bonham
Transparent Technologies
Open-Realty Lead Developer


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