// $Id: Changelog-4.5,v 1.1004 2004/04/10 17:47:39 saka_car Exp $

1. Changelog
This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for
Mambo Open Source 4.5, including beta and release candidate versions.
Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports and
code fixes.

10-Apr-2004 Emir Sakic 
- Patched mosMenuCheck for better access check

09-Apr-2004 Emir Sakic 
- Fixed bug with logout link and SEF turned ON

07-Apr-2004 Andrew Eddie 
- Fixed bug #284 - Ignore string in mosBindArrayToObject may fail sometimes
  mainbody.php & classes/mambo.php

08-Apr-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #287 - Problems with mosGetParam with more than one
   component displayed.
 - Removed Dev Level from administrator login screen

------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.7 Released ----------------------

08-Apr-2004 Emir Sakic 
- Fixed bug with content link access

07-Apr-2004 Andrew Eddie 
- Fixed bug with registration and login links

------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.6 Released ----------------------

07-Apr-2004 Andrew Eddie 
- Fixed mosDBTable exploit
- Fixed return page for logout

05-Apr-2004 Ron Bakker 
 - fixed bug #241 - Not authorized access to sections with SPECIAL or REGISTERED access level
 - fixed bug #244 - 2nd instance of WysiwygPro isn't working in the frontend
03-Apr-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #166 - security loophole in htmlarea2
 - Fixed bug #177 - table width issue in frontpage

03-Apr-2004 Ron Bakker 
 - Fixed bug #184 - Unchecked path in com_media
03-Apr-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed bug with paging functionality when limit exceeds total on second page
 - Fixed security bug with gaining frontpage admin access on sites with magic quotes turned off
 - Patched ACL so superadministrators gain access to special sections

01-Apr-2004 Andrew Eddie 
 - Fixed bug #83 - Removed date manipulation code for last visit field in admin
   users list
 - Fixed bug #119 - Fixed bug relating to quotes in metakeys
 - Fixed bug #156 - Fixed overwrite of publish down time on save
 - Fixed bug #163 - Fixed error message stuffing headers when downloading
   sql dump

31-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #162 - Typo in menu class suffix - class_suffix -> class_sfx
 - Fixed bug #166 - Typo in content.html.php - mossection -> mosSection
 - Fixed bug #154 - Problem with long template names

------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.5 Released ----------------------

28-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #96 - editing templates failed to save correctly
 - Fixed all occurances of mosgetParam with mosGetParam
 - Fixed bug #128 - problem saving edited language file(s)

25-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #101 - poll alignment problem in Opera
 - Fixed bug #100 - problem saving content in frontend when using
   RTE editor
 - Fixed bug #103 - return Itemid on content save in frontend

25-Mar-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed xss bug with login module
 - Fixed a bug with Mambo not returning to origin address after login

------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.4 Released ----------------------

23-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #79 - https support in banners

23-Mar-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Cosmetics on search page

20-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug #54
 - Fixed installer to not give a blank page if db details provided
   are incorrect.

18-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed #39 - template chooser bug

16-Mar-2004 Andrew Eddie 
 - Altered mosGetParam function to reduce the risk of XSS security attacks
   The function by default trims and strips html tags
 - Fixed a number of XSS bugs relating to the $return variable

15-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [32] - RSS image problem
 - Prevented use of HTML in Name field in registration

15-Mar-2004 Phil Taylor 
 - fixed security bug when intval($ID) not used in pathway

12-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed problem with e-mail icon alignment in content
 - Fixed bug [18] - wrong date ordering in mod_archive.php

08-Mar-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000861] - Duplicate checked box
 - Fixed bug [0000863] - problem if Home menu item is deleted

05-Mar-2004 Andrew Eddie 
 - Fixed bug [0000849] - Fixed corrupt content category menu link

01-Mar-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed bug [0000841] - wrong time zone in user administration, last visit date

29-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000836] - problems with HTML in newsflash

29-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed infinite loop bug caused by trick with administrator index
 - Removed some redunant code in logout session handling

28-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000828] - Fixed textarea width issue when not using WYSIWYG
 - Fixed bug [0000827] - When using submit news from user_menu cancel does
   not take you back to frontpage - added Itemid=0 on to end of link
 - Changed RTE to not use compressed version

------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.3 Released ----------------------

26-Feb-2004 Tim Broeker 
 - Fixed problem with wysiwygpro editor
 - Fixed problem with RTE editor (rcastley)

26-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed bug [0000781] - support for system locale setting in archive module
 - Fixed bug [0000810] - support for system locale setting in search component

26-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000750] - missing colspan issue in content.html.php

26-Feb-2004 Andrew Eddie 
 - Fixed bug [0000764] - Failure searching for sublevels in main menu manager
 - Fixed bug [0000802] - Menu: Edit content category; category is not selected
 - Fixed js error when rte editor included from non-typed modules
 - Fixed incorrect front_html path

25-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000812] - removed hardcoded center in frontpage.html.php
 - Fixed bug [0000814] - $row->title appearing in submitted weblink e-mail

25-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed security issue that affected users with SEF turned ON

22-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000806] - reserved word in MySQL 5.x
 - Fixed bug [0000801] - removed publish icon in edit categories

20-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed a bug in frontpage content edit page

20-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000794] - Text alignment issue in peeklime in Opera 7.x
 - Added RTE editor to source

19-Feb-2004 Ron Bakker 
 - Fixed bug [0000778] - Error on imageselect when directory empty
 - Fixed bug [0000767] - Media extensions can not be captitals 
 - Fixed bug [0000788] - HTMLArea3 focus problem with {mosimage} and {mospagebreak}
18-Feb-2004 Ron Bakker 
 - Modified editor functionality
 - Added support for RTE, xStandard and Wysiwyg Pro editors
13-Feb-2004 Phil Taylor 
 - Fixed bug [000773] - Metadata tags only shown if site metadata set

12-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000771] - safe mode bug in media manager
 - Fixed bug [0000752] - strip html tags from newsflash title

12-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed security issue with inserting HTML in user details
 - Improved session cookie handling by setting a longer cookie time

09-Feb-2004 Phil Taylor 
 - Added mosConfig_editor to configuration.php config during install

09-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Added page gen. time into admin
 - Fixed bug [0000760] - incorrect form link in section archive 

08-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed undefined variable bugs in javascript loading
 - Changed base href to load only when SEF is ON
 - Fixed bug [0000735] - OS_WINDOWS faulty performance due to typos
 - Fixed bug [0000734] - saveRegistration admin email notifications
 - Fixed bug [0000715] - Ignore files (*.ignore.php) show in Global as Language choice
08-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Changed ALL template to only load editor if logged in

07-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug when using htmlarea3 under sections/categories

06-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Only show js scripts in frontend if logged in
 - Fixed bug [0000753] - archive link bug
 - Fixed bug [0000716] - bug in pathway with blog sections/categories

05-Feb-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000748] - no height set in textarea

05-Feb-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Improved global login and cookie management
 - Implemented "Remember me" feature to frontend
 - Decreased default session time to 15 minutes
 - Added possibility for linked titles to be used along with Read more
 - Fixed undefined variables bugs in admin logout and other places
 - Fixed bug [0000726] - More... Links on Frontpage do not have correct Itemid

29-Jan-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000731] - time offset bug in newsfeeds
 - Fixed bug [0000727] - not passing %d to _VALID_AZ09
 - Fixed bug [0000721] - Authors can not edit in view item
 - Fixed bug [0000745] - typo in admin menus typed class 

------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.2 Released ----------------------

16-Jan-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Increased available chars in weblinks from 100 > 250
 - Fixed security issue in mod_mainmenu.php
 - Added robots.txt

15-Jan-2004 Andrew Eddie 
 - Fixed bug that prevent Email Submissions option from showing when editting
   a user

15-Jan-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Changed session default time back to 1800 seconds

13-Jan-2004 Ron Bakker 
 - Fixed bug [0000585] - Media Manager - preview images do not refresh after upload 
 - Fixed bug [0000643] - Media Manager - 'Page has expired'-warning after upload 
 - Fixed bug [0000670] - Media Manager - "is_file()" is blocking the upload process 
 - Fixed bug [0000597] - URL Link in "new window without browser navigation" redirects site to frontpage 
13-Jan-2004 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000635] - online users show all users in red
 - Fixed bug [0000663] - missing quotes in some table definitions

13-Jan-2004 Andrew Eddie 
 - Fixed bug [0000656] -  Checks in module and template installer are in the
   wrong place
 - Fixed bug [0000642] - Bug in includes/HTML_toolbar.php cancel
 - Fixed bug [0000636] - Undefined constant error when deleting component
 - Fixed bug [0000632] - Bug in More Components links
 - Fixed bug [0000631] - Double quotes in alt tag breaks html
 - Fixed bug [0000601] - Custom Code Banners will not display with bmp's
 - Removed redundant saveUploadNew function in admin banner component
 - Improved eregi filter of banner file types (could allow xxx.gif.exe through)

07-Jan-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Changed template chooser to support GET method too

06-Jan-2004 Phil Taylor 
 - Fixed bug [0000587] - Error with uploaded backupfile path
 - Fixed bug [0000618] - Editing Menus list all menutypes
 - Fixed bug [0000590] - Ordering of RSS items linked to frontpage settings
 - Fixed Bug [0000626] - & to & for XHTML Vailidation
 - Removed index.php check for installation dir again until next release :-)
 ------------------- 4.5 Stable 1.0.1 Released ----------------------

03-Jan-2004 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed a bug with not beeing able to delete typed modules

29-Dec-2003 Robert Castley 
 - Fixed bug [0000589] - Fixed spelling errors

27-Dec-2003 Emir Sakic 
 - Fixed a database bug in sample_data.sql (incorrect componentid for FAQ in
   main menu)

26-Dec-2003 Phil Taylor 
 - Implemented DevWish [0000442] - Additional Support added to menu when
   components menu is very long 
 - Added Add or Edit User text condition when creating/editing a user
 - Removed hard coded background color in favor of CSS when editing banner
 - Added intelligent ADD or EDIT text to titles in contact component admin
 - Fixed Bug [0000569] - Email sends $row->title instead of value
 - Fixed Bug [0000576] - Search in menu manager doesn't work for all cases
 - Fixed Bug [0000571] - Cookie timeouts not working correctly
 - Fixed Bug [0000571] - change the directories combo not updating
25-Dec-2003 Phil Taylor 
 - Added return var to login form module to redirect to where user logs
   in instead of index.php
2. Copyright and disclaimer
This application is opensource software released under the GPL.  Please
see source code and the LICENSE file for more details.  All Rights Reserved.