Drupal 4.5.0 battle plans

Dries - March 23, 2004

With Drupal 4.4.0 around the corner, it is time to share what each of us are up to. If you plan to work on something in particular, or to contribute to Drupal in one way or another, please share your personal battle plan in the comments. Please refrain from posting wishlists: this time around we are merely interested in what you actually plan to contribute in the next few months. So, what can we expect from you?

Here is my personal battle pl

Dries - March 23, 2004

Here is my personal battle plan:

The list is not complete and is subject to change but I think it pretty much summarizes the key points on my personal agenda for the coming months. Of course, everyone is invited to help. In addition, I'd also like to help with:

(Note: I might add more points later.)

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