PHP-Nuke 7.0 FINAL Released

Posted on Thursday, December 04 @ 01:43:11 COT by nukelite

Hello Nukers! Happy to announce that PHP-Nuke 7.0 FINAL has been released. You can read the changes.txt text file included in the distribution, but be sure that there are many bugs fixed that aren't documented. After 3 days testing this version on both Linux and Windows, it's ready for a production site. This version is only available for any Club member at this time. Will be released to the public in around 30 days, as usual. What are you waiting for?

Be sure to read the included "Changes.txt" text file to know what's new... it contains very important information for modules developers and all the major changes are documented.

Thanks goes mainly to Paul Laudansky from NukeCops for his and his team great help catching and fixing bugs. Same for Chatserv, how was of great help also and many others like you, with suggestions, ideas and some code helped on this release.

At this time I'll wait for the first reactions on this version and then I'll dedicate some time to a new project I'm creating, soon to be announced while resting a little on the XMas holydays :)

Hope you enjoy this version. If you find any detail, think that I'm human, even if I tested this monster on several systems configuration, may happen that some minor detail appears... just report it to me and I'll update it quickly.

That's all folks! Enjoy and be happy ;)