9-08-2003 - Open-Realty Web Hosting $9.95/month. Open-Relaty 1.1.3 installed. See the hosting link on the side for more details.

Need Someplace to host your Open-Realty Website?

How about on the open-realty.org web servers? Our state of the art network includes multiple peering points with Level3 and MCI/Worldcom to ensure a consistently fast and reliable connection. Backup power systems include multiple UPS units as well as diesel generators to ensure that clean power reaches our servers at any level of failure, including total electrical blackout.

Why Host with us?

Your hosting fees directly help support the development of open-realty. Also you get the experts to install open-realty on your site, and you know our server are setup to fully support open-realty. No more configuration hassles.

Payment Options.

We will except US Checks or Money Orders, or Credit Cards online via PayPal. We will bill monthly, the Setup Fee and First Months Hosting are non refundable. Setup fee does not include domain registration. You can point an exsiting name to our name servers, or we can register/tansfer a domain name for $11.95/YR.


Open-Realty 1.1.3 Installed


HD Space(MB)


Monthly Transfer(MB)


MySQL Datbases


Mail Accounts


FTP Users


Frontpage Extensions

2002 (No Database)

PHP Support with GD 2.0


Adminisrative Control Panel




Monthly Charge


One Time Setup Fee


Domain Registration/Transfer


Need more information or want to signup? Email hosting@open-realty.org.


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