Open-Realty 1.1.0 RELEASED

07-20-2003, 01:24 PM


Upgrade Scripts from 1.0.7 to 1.1.0 will be released in a few days, i got hung up with some other things, but i wanted to get this release out for the people who are waiting on it.

Download Latest Stable Release
7-20-03 -- Download OpenRealty 1.1.0

SEE: Full Change Log. This is auto generated from the sourcecode control program.

Features in version 1.1.0 (7-20-03) The features listed below are new from BETA 12. A full list is on the download page.

* listing_browse.php - Added support for Search by Agents
* listing_browse.php - fixed bug in move next that was killing hte next button after moving 10+ pages
* calc.php - wrapped value in quotes
* listingsearch.php - Added Support For Search by Agent
* template_editor.php - Step Price Now Shows up
* Added Support for dropdown search of indivdual items
* listings_edit.php - Fixed Dropdown for listing owner, it now only shows agents, it was letting you pick members.
* main.php - Made EmailPass link absolute
* common.php - Fixed Money Sign Issues in commented out expamples
* Fixed renderFeaturedListingsHorizontal. Was looping on multiple listings
* Added searchbox_agentdropdown() function
* Fixed some broken table layouts for the searchboxes
* renderuserimage now displays the nophoto image for users without a image uploaded
* renderuserinfo is fixed so it now supports agent and member users.
* admin_top.html - Made all links absolute.
* admin_bottom.html - Made all Links absolute
* Added $lang['Any_Agent'] and $lang['search_by_agent']

Ryan C. Bonham

7- 20 -2003 - Open-Realty 1.1.0 released

What is Open-Realty?

Open-Realty is a free easy to install, web content management solution, for real estate listings. Open-Realty uses PHP to drive a SQL backed, thus creating a tool which is fast and flexible. Open-Realty allows non-technical users to easily create and maintain realty listings on their website using a web browser.

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