Open-Realty 1.00


12-12-2002, 12:00 AM


I am pleased to announce that we just uploaded Open-Realty 1.00 to the server. I would like to invite everyone to grab a copy and try it out. In case anyone is wondering what the status or Open-Realty and openrealty from Jon is, here is the low down. I found Jon's openrealty product while looking for a solutions for a clients website. Jon was not maintaining openrealty any more and had put it up for sale. I contact Jon about the possibility of purchasing openrealty. Jon instead decided to simple place his openrealty on sourceforge and let the existing community take over. That is fine with us, and we wish the project the best of success. Wolfman95 and my self felt that it would best serve our customers and the open source community at large, if we forked our version of openrealty. We wanted to be able to have direct control over what code was changed, and also wanted to make sure the project had an active development team and leadership. Thus the birth of We have changed version numbers to reflect our actual number of release, thus our first release is 1.00 despite the fact that it is based on 3.01 or Jon's openrealty. We hope everyone likes open-realty and will continue to contribute their time and make this an even better product.

Thank you,

Ryan C. Bonham

Open-Realty 1.00

12-12-2002 - Open-Realty 1.00 is up. Download it and let us know what you think. Please provide us with feedback in the forums.

What is Open-Realty?

Open-Realty is 100% free suite for maintaining Real Estate Websites. You will never be charged a cent to use it and there are no restrictions on its use.

This release of Open-Realty is a fork of OpenRealty 3.0.1 from Jon Roig ( Please Visit

Open-Realty 1.00

Open-Realty is a free, open source real estate listing manager. Intended to be both easy to install and easy to administer, Open-Realty uses PHP to drive a mySQL backend, thus creating a tool which is fast and flexible.

While the basic version of Open-Realty can be downloaded for free, I'm always available to customize it for your specific needs. Feel free to contact me


Of course, Open-Realty is written entirely in PHP, which makes it easy to customize and revise to match the look of your website.

Features in version 1.00 (12-15-02)


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