2.2 (2002.06.26)

Added TrackBack, a peer-to-peer framework for communication between weblogs. Can track cross-weblog conversations/discussions, provides remote content repositories. Has password protection, IP banning, automatic RSS output, and email notification.

Added MySQL backend support.

Added the <$MTBlogRelativeURL$> tag to produce a relative URL to your main blog.

Added <link> tag navigation (prev, next, start) to Individual and Date-based archive templates. Thanks to Mark Pilgrim.

Strip HTML from author, email, and URL comment fields.

Added decode_html global tag attribute to decode HTML entities.

Added title=``1'' and excerpt=``1'' attributes to <MTGoogleSearch>. Thanks to Dave Sifry for the patch.

Added the ability to easily add new tags via the plugins directory and the MT::Template::Context::add_tag method. Thanks to Felix S. Gallo for the idea.

Improved text generated from uploaded image or file. (Brad Lauster)

Changed appearance of pinging and rebuilding windows.

Auto-select default post status when blog is selected in bookmarklet.

Added permaLink element to the struct returned from metaWeblog.getPost and metaWeblog.getRecentPosts.

Fixed bug with saving entry you created when you don't have rebuild permissions.

Added PingTimeout setting.

Split off rebuild and ping from save entry, so that they now occur on separate screens (though still automatically). This gives a better indication of status to the user, as well as enabling more ping options (like TrackBack).

Added descriptions for categories and the <$MTCategoryDescription$> tag.

If entry does not have title in search results, first 22 chars of body will be used instead.

Fixed bug where entries saved as Draft would show up when using OR or AND in the <MTEntries category="..."> tag.

Fixed related="1" google search.

Added Finnish as a date formatting option. (skithund)

Made <$MTEntryDate$> work in comment listing template.

Standardized stylesheet links in default templates.

Changed admin:generatorAgent to the proper format (a URI).

Added <link> tag for RSS template to default main index.

2.11 (2002.05.03)

Updated documentation on linking to comments.

Fixed bug with <$MTCommentPreviewIsStatic$> tag causing build errors when previewing comments. (Introduced in 2.1)

Fixed bug with <$MTArchiveCount$> not working properly for category archives.

2.1 (2002.05.02)

Added webMaster, language, lastBuildDate, and pubDate to both RSS templates.

Added encode_html="1" to all RSS fields that didn't have it already.

Added Norwegian dates.

Added test for mt-check.cgi to determine whether we are running under cgiwrap or suexec.

Added a new global tag attribute encode_url (thanks to Scott Andrew LePera and others for the idea).

Changed the behavior of the publish flag in blogger.newPost; previously, if set to false the new entry would be saved as a draft. This was a bad idea, for various reasons. So now, no matter the value of the publish flag, the new entry is saved with post status == publish. It will just not be published until rebuilt manually. There is a new mt.cfg option, NoPublishMeansDraft, which when set to 1 enables the old behavior.

mt-xmlrpc.cgi will now decode the &apos; entity properly.

Added mt.getCategoryList, mt.getPostCategories, and mt.setPostCategories to the XML-RPC API. Thanks to Daniel Drucker for the original implementation of these methods.

Added a metaWeblog.getRecentPosts method, which is like the blogger.getRecentPosts method, but returns more information about each entry (equivalent to the data returned from metaWeblog.getPost), including the entry title.

Changed #calendar to .calendar in default stylesheet to match with usage in the templates.

Fixed date in notification messages to use MT date-formatting, which means that it will now work properly on systems that don't support %e, and that it will use the selected date formatting language from the blog config.

Fix bug with categories not being created in import if a category of the same name exists in a different blog. (Jonathon Delacour)

Silence warnings in mt-xmlrpc.cgi execution.

The export mechanism now exports your Post Status, Allow Comments, and Convert Breaks values for each entry, and the import mechanism will import them. This means that when you use export-import to transfer data, this metadata will not get lost in the transfer.

Added <$MTEntryFlag$> and <$MTEntryStatus$> tags. They are not particularly useful in templates, but they are used in the export mechanism.

mt-xmlrpc.cgi will now look for mt.cfg using the full path to the file, rather than just in the current working directory.

Added HTMLPerms and UploadPerms to give even more control over the permissions of files created by the system--this can be used if you are generating PHP files on a server that needs the execute bit set on PHP files, for example. Thanks to mval@axium.net and mouse@axium.net.

Subjects of notification email messages will now be converted to 7-bit to comply with the regulation that mail headers should be 7-bit. (dotWisner)

Added Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit to notification messages in case contents contain 8-bit-encoded data. (dotWisner)

Fixed a long-standing bug with email notifications using Mail::Sendmail (the SMTP usage), where the notifications would not get sent. Now they will get sent.

Added a rebuild_me flag to MT::Template so that index templates can be set to not automatically rebuild; in this case, they need to be rebuilt manually using the REBUILD button on the template-editing page.

Added the ability to rebuild one index template at a time.

Big rebuilding speedup by caching all placements for a particular blog in memory so that usage of <$MTEntryCategory$> should now be much faster. This requires the new blog_id column in MT::Placement, which is why we need to the mt-upgrade201.cgi script.

When using Mozilla or NS 6, textareas should now wrap properly (finally). Thanks to Ask Bjørn Hansen for the hack.

Give an error message when rebuilding if an index template does not have an Output File set.

Now use spam_protect in comment email tags in default templates.

Added ``generator'' info to RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 index templates to idenfity Movable Type as the RSS generator.

Fixed bug in import where importing comments using NO ENTRY could import comments into a different blog than the one intended.

Fixed DOCTYPE URL in default templates.

Speed boost: <MTArchiveList archive_type="Category"> (and <MTCategories>) no longer load the list of entries in the category automatically; instead, they only load the list if you use an <MTEntries> tag inside of the container. Sample numbers: 10s for rebuilding the list 100 times before, 4s after the change.

Added mt.supportedMethods method to mt-xmlrpc.cgi, to return a list of supported methods.

In the ``view complete list of authors'' screen, you can now only delete authors who you have created, or yourself.

<$MTEntryExcerpt convert_breaks="1"$> will now properly add <p> and </p> tags around an excerpt even if the excerpt is auto-generated.

Added Google API hook for search and similar search in <MTGoogleSearch>.

Added <MTEntriesHeader> and <MTEntriesFooter>. Thanks to wcowley for the patch.

Now supports three metaWeblog methods: newPost, editPost, and getPost.

Added note about using PERL5LIB in mod_perl setup instructions.

When importing an entry, if it has comments listed in the import file, the allow_comments flag will automatically be set, even if the default is not to allow comments on new entries.

The offset attribute to <MTEntries> will now work even when there is already a list of entries in context, which means that you can use it like this:
<MTArchiveList archive_type="Monthly">
<MTEntries lastn="2"><$MTEntryTitle$><br /></MTEntries>
<MTEntries lastn="2" offset="2"><$MTEntryTitle$><br /></MTEntries>

The file extension for popup HTML files generated from uploaded images is now determined by the archive file extension, if set, and .html otherwise.

You can now use absolute paths in the Output file setting for index templates.

Updated documentation on MT import format.

If no format is provided to a date tag (eg. <$MTDate$>), the default format used is now influenced by the language setting.

Wrote documentation for the MT::Util utility functions.

Rewrote MT::Util::wdays_from_ts so that the weekday is calculated internally, rather than relying on Time::Local to convert an MT timestamp into epoch seconds to get the weekday. This allows usage of dates before 1970 and after 2037 in MT.

Syndicate this site link in default templates now links to RSS 1.0.

Fixed bug with <$MTArchiveCategory$> not showing the right category.

Fixed bug with thumbnail URL with windows pathnames.

Added half-timezones: UTC+9.5, UTC+6.5, UTC+5.5, UTC+3.5, UTC-3.5.

Changed name of bookmarklet window from MTpost to _blank so that multiple windows can be opened at once.

Add a / to the end of the StaticWebPath value if it doesn't already have one at the end.

Made it clearer that saving the secondary categories does not rebuild.

Fixed month names (Feb, Dec) for French dates, and Sunday for Swedish. Also, now just use AM/PM instead of du matin/du soir.

Fixed link to export in Import & Export Entries.

Changed Comment popup link in default templates so that it will work even without Javascript.

Changed {spam_protect} to {'spam_protect'}, {m} to {'m'}, and {y} to {'y'} so as not to cause errors in the (very old) 5.004_04 version of Perl.

Fixed permissions in 755.gif image in docs.

Fixed bug where directories were not being automatically created on OS X; turns out OS X doesn't like / at the end of a directory in mkdir().

Fixed encode_php (which I broke). Thanks to Brad Choate.

Added NoHTMLEntities option to the mt.cfg option to specify whether HTML::Entities should be used in encoding characters into entities.

Added the glue attribute to <MTEntryCategories>.

Added the ability to use the static input field in comments to pass through a URL to redirect to after posting a comment. Thanks to Boxes & Arrows for the idea.

Fixed cookie path when mt.cgi is at the root of a server, like http://www.foo.com/mt.cgi.

Power edit window now resizable.

Removed -T from mt.cfg and mt-send-entry.cgi.


Copyright 2002