Version 2.0 Released

March 20, 2002 | 10:05 AM

Version 2.0 of Movable Type is now released.

This version of Movable Type is still free for personal or non-profit use; note that version 2.0 is not free, however, for commercial or for-profit use. See the FAQ for more details.

Existing users of versions 1.0-1.4 should use the upgrade distribution to update their MT installation, and should follow the upgrade instructions. Before upgrading, you will need to back up your MT databases and export your entries and comments, as a precaution.

In addition to bug fixes and improvements to general system stability, this release adds the following features:

For a full list of changes, take a look at the changelog.

Finally, thank you to Andrew Baio, Tim Dorr, and Kristine Beeson for mirroring the 2.0 download.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q. I'm worried that I won't be able to install and configure the system. How difficult is it to install?
A. If you have never installed a CGI program, the Movable Type installation process can be intimidating, because you may not be familiar with some of the techniques involved (setting permissions, for example). The installation instructions should help you through this process, and you should be able to install Movable Type using simply an FTP program and a text editor.
If you have experience installing CGI programs, MT should be fairly easy to install.

Q. What is required to run MT?
A. Here is a list of requirements.

Q. How can I determine if my hosting service fulfills these requirements?
A. Visit your web hosting service's website. Usually they will provide a list of services offered based on your account type. If you're stuck, email their customer support the message found on the requirements page.

Q. I really don't want to install and configure the system myself but I still want to use MT; what should I do?
A. We offer paid installations of Movable Type, in which we completely install and configure the system on your webserver. This process usually takes an hour or less.

Q. What is the turn-around time for pay installations?
A. The maximum wait is usually two days. However, in most cases we will get you up and running within the day of your payment. Note: When we are days from a new release, we may ask that you wait until the public release so as to receive the latest and greatest version.

Q. You installed my original Movable Type installation and now I see there is a new version. How much does it cost for you to upgrade?
A. If we have installed Movable Type on your system within thirty days of a new release, we will upgrade your version for free. If it has been more than thirty days, you will have to pay for another installation.

Q. I love MT. How can I donate?
A. See our donations page.

Q. What do I get if I donate?
A. A warm, fuzzy feeling gained by supporting the development of the software. And, if you donate at least $20, your blog will appear on the constantly updating list of recently updated blogs (see next question). Users who donate $45 or more will additionally be entitled to receive extra, personal support (from us) via instant messaging and email. Additionally, you receive one key for every $20 donated. Finally, your donation will be subtracted from the price of future pay versions of the software — allowing you to buy the software at a discounted price.

Q. I hate Paypal. Can I use another method of payment?
A. We prefer receiving funds via Paypal because that money pays our bills. But if you're an international user, or if you are terribly against using Paypal, you can send us your donation via an Amazon gift certificate — please send the Amazon certificate to We treat the certificates like all other donations, and you will receive your key/support in the same manner as if you had paid via Paypal.

Q. Why isn't my weblog appearing on the donor list?
A. We update that list manually, so please be patient. It isn't an automated process because we do not accept payments instantly — in an effort to make sure to protect us and our users.

Q. Can I share my keys with other users?
A. We ask that you don't.

Q. Can I use one key for more than one weblog?
A. As long as you are the owner of the other weblogs, this is fine. Please note that when you use one key for more than one weblog, the most recently updated site will bump any other sites using that same key from the list. Additionally, we ask that you do not abuse this and limit your key use to no more than three weblogs.

Q. How much does it cost to use Movable Type (MT)?
A. MT version 2.0 and higher is free for personal or non-profit use. We're following a donate-ware model in which we ask that you send us a paypal payment for the amount which you feel the product is worth to you. In return, for every $20 that you donate, you will receive a Recently Updated Key. For donations of $45 or more, you are entitled to additional support. See here for more details.

If you represent a business or a for-profit site which would like to use Movable Type 2.0 or higher as its weblogging/content management system, the cost is $150 for a commercial license. The terms of the current license apply to commercial usage, in that you may not redistribute or charge for the software. See here for more details and instructions on payment.

Q. What constitutes a business or for-profit site?
A. These are the business or for-profit guidelines:

(1) use at or for a commercial enterprise;

(2) use for financial gain, personal or otherwise;

(3) use by government agencies;

(4) use in connection with administering a commercial web site;

(5) use in connection with the provision of professional service for which you are compensated;

Q. I'm developing a site for a client and would like to set up Movable Type to maintain it. Is this allowed?
A. Yes, as long as you or the client pays $150 for a commercial license.

Q. Do I have to pay for a commercial license before I download the software?
A. No. But, please pay as soon as you know you'll be sticking with the software or when your site becomes public or begins being used.

Q. I run or represent an ISP, and we are interested in offering a package with pre-installed Movable Type. Is this allowed?
A. This is not allowed. We are, however, open to discussing allowable scenarios on a per case basis. Please contact us to discuss this matter further.

Q. I want to offer pay installations. Is this allowed?
A. No. Movable Type is a free product and part of our revenue comes from our own pay installation service. Therefore, offering pay installation is against the terms of the license. If, however, you represent a client and you or the client purchase a commercial license, you may charge for support services for that one client.

Q. How does the Recently Updated List feature work?
A. The Recently Updated List is a centralized list of the most recently updated Movable Type-powered blogs. To add your own blog to the list will require a donation of at least $20. After signing up for this feature, you will receive a unique key that you can add to your blog configuration. After this point, updates to your site will send a notice to the Recently Updated Blogs system, causing it to mark your blog as recently updated. This gives you one of the benefits of a centralized weblogging service, while still allowing you to run Movable Type on your own server.

Q. May I modify the Movable Type source code?
A. Yes, as long as you do not redistribute the modified code without permission. In addition, if you modify any of the code and feel that your changes would be useful to all MT users, we would appreciate it if you would send us your changes, so as to make them available to the community of MT users.

Q. If I come up with a hack or modification of the Movable Type source code, may I distribute it on my website?
A. Yes, as long as you make it clear that we will not be able to support the modification. While we encourage and are delighted to see hacks develop, it becomes incredibly difficult and/or time-consuming to support problems that arise by code not originating from us.

Q. How do I request a feature?
A. The best way to request a feature is by posting a thread in the Feature Request Forum.

Q. Are there any guidelines for posting in the forum?
A. Girlie, an MT user, compiled a great list of guidelines that every forum user should read. By following these suggestions, you'll make the board a much better place for everyone.

Q. Do I have to link back or give credit to Movable Type?
A. Yes. A button is included in the images folder of your installation package. You can also download a button from this location (Please host the image on your own server). While you are required to link back to, you are not required to use a button. A visible text link is sufficient.

Q. Do you provide an RSS feed of the Movable Type news?
A. Yes. You can find the feed here.

Q. I run a business, and I am interested in additional services relating to Movable Type: initial setup of Movable Type, system and template customization, and/or additional design work.
A. We would be happy to hear more about your needs. Please contact us with more details. Please be aware that because there are only two of us and because Movable Type is our full-time job, we must be selective of what projects we choose.

Q. Who makes Movable Type?
A. Movable Type is developed by the husband/wife team of Benjamin Trott and Mena G. Trott. Benjamin Trott is a Perl programmer who likes cryptography. He contributes regularly to CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) and has written for Mena Grabowski Trott is a designer who publishes her own weblog at She won "Best Weblog" in SXSW's 2001 web awards — so, apparently, she must know something about weblogging. Benjamin and Mena are two of the authors of O'Reilly's Essential Blogging, scheduled to be published in August.

Considering using Movable Type but not sure where to start? First, see if you're able to meet the requirements to run the system.

Core requirements:

Note: Starting with version 2.2, there are two storage options for Movable Type: Berkeley DB or MySQL

Almost all hosts support Berkeley DB, and depending on your hosting account yours may support MySQL.

If your webhost does provide MySQL support, we recommend using this storage mechanism for added stability.

If you're still not sure if you meet these requirements, here is a message that you can mail to your host's customer support:


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